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The story begins when Howard, a sarcastic humanoid duck from outer space, is somehow pulled from his home world to Cleveland where he meets and quickly befriends with Beverly Switzler, a lead singer where they must stop an alien invader known as the Dark Overlord at all costs.
Howard, a duck the size of a human man, is accidentally brought to Earth through a laser beam in an experiment being performed by a Cleveland physicist Dr. Walter Jenning, and his assistant Phil Blumburtt. Howard ends up in Cleveland, where he rescues singer Beverly Switzer from a group of thugs. Beverly and Phil are friends, and when the government is told about Howard, she helps Phil and Dr. Jenning hide Howard from the authorities until they can get him back home – but then an evil being arrives through the laser beam and takes possession of Dr. Jenning's body, putting Howard, Beverly, and Phil in a fight for their lives.
If you don&#39;t really care about what happens to a film&#39;s title character, there is not much chance the film will succeed. Howard the Duck has less personality than most college mascots, though he offers sarcastic comments. The three-foot protagonist of this film has limited mobility and a head that is fairly inexpressive. His tale of woe is that he has been displaced from his world to Earth and he feels like a small duck in a big pond. But he speaks English (lucky duck!) and there are no differences in customs except those that relate directly to ducks (like duck hunting). So he can cope. But he has to deal with humans who are surprised to see a relatively tall, talking duck. Actually, the reactions to Howard are inconsistent and not credible.<br/><br/>One could make the case that HTD, being a comedy of outrageous premises, should not be seriously reviewed. But there are good comedies and bad comedies. HTD is lame at best. Though Lea Thompson and (the great actor) Jeffrey Jones try to breathe life into this turkey, the concept never flies.<br/><br/>It is best to watch HTD as an attempt at camp. On that level, some scenes are mildly humorous. The relationship between Howard and Thompson&#39;s punk-rock singer is awkward. You have to give her bonus points for really trying to sell the odd chemistry between them. But it&#39;s not a situation that works (unlike the relationship between Marty McFly and his mother in &quot;Back to the Future&quot;, which really works on a comedy level.)<br/><br/>On the other hand, if Lea Thompson had been sucked through an interplanetary portal to a world where ducks were the salient species…nah, it just doesn&#39;t work.
George Lucas, what were you thinking?! You were the genius behind Radioland Murders, Star Wars, and Indiana Jones for goodness sake! Why did you have to create a bad movie like this?! This movie reminds me of a bad episode of Goosebumps where everybody&#39;s a duck! How many men do you think play Howard the Duck? Eight. That&#39;s right, eight men played the role of Howard the Duck(One did the voice and seven wore the costume on screen). The jokes are very stupid. They all involve duck puns! What does this movie think it is, The Super Mario Bros Super Show(The difference is that this involves pasta jokes)?! Wait a minute! Did I see a female duck with no clothes on?!! I&#39;m not lying, I&#39;m seeing duck boobs!! It&#39;s disgusting, it&#39;s revolting, and it&#39;s not suitable for kids! It&#39;s like Daisy Duck getting tired of her cartoon career at Disney and decides to go to an Adult Film Industry! And then, there&#39;s this nerdy numb-nuts played by Tim Robbins. Now I know what you&#39;re thinking: What&#39;s so bad about this guy? Well, first, when supposedly attempting to &quot;translate&quot; Howard&#39;s speech, he sounds like Donald Duck trying to speak Japanese but fails to do so! Later in the movie, he speaks to Howard again and goes &quot;Wakka-Wakka-Wakka-Wakka.&quot; WHAAAAAAAT?! I can&#39;t even understand what he&#39;s saying! He sounds like Fozzie Bear with a severe sinus infection! And get this, he dates one of the singers. Oh sure, like a girl would have the hots for a loser who impersonates Donald Duck failing to speak Japanese and go &quot;Wakka-Wakka-Wakka-Wakka&quot; like one of the Muppets. Whoever got this movie made is a real quack(No pun intended). You must be completely stupid or high if you like this movie. Bottom Line: Abysmal acting, idiotic humor, or no likable characters are the reasons why you should avoid Howard the Duck.
Howard The Duck has several jokes, really, they're all just desperately unfunny.
Two scenes had to be cut to get a PG rating for the theatrical release of the movie (condom in Howard&#39;s wallet / tentacle tongue in the cigarette lighter socket). This version was then released by CIC Video in 1987 on VHS with the same rating. The later PG DVD release by Metrodome was cut more heavily. All scenes with sexual content were removed, among others. But an uncut DVD with a BBFC 12 rating was also released in the UK.
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