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A male model decides to become a superhero, and a police officer finds out his real identity. These two young men will come face to face with hardships of being crime-fighters while discovering what it truly means to be a hero of justice.
I&#39;m surprised that I liked this show but I have a feeling I like it for completely different reasons than most. Essentially, the only premise that can be mentioned is the protagonist&#39;s obsession with being a hero despite not having any special powers or a firm grasp on reality… so it would seem. <br/><br/>What hooked me on this show was all of the subtle nuance humor that got be busting a gut completely out of left field. They&#39;ve mastered the anti-climax in the scripts, and it makes the show profoundly entertaining. It will keep you watching in marathons, which is a hallmark of a great show in my opinion. <br/><br/>The premise isn&#39;t at all enticing in my view, but the execution was done well enough that I endure the repetitiveness of certain character traits and monologues because the surprise humor is just that good.<br/><br/>Best of all, it&#39;s available for free on cruchyroll, a Playstation 3 free service (no affiliation or subscription by the author of this review)
One could be forgiven for thinking this was a period piece given the word &#39;samurai&#39; in the title but in fact it is contemporary. It follows protagonist Masayoshi Hazama; a male model who has a dream of becoming a super hero. He becomes the titular &#39;Samurai Flamenco&#39; but his attempts at fighting crime are not impressive; even young children and drunken salary-men get the better of him. He ends up befriending policeman Hidenori Goto and eventually gets better at fighting crime. He isn&#39;t the only self-appointed superhero; there are also the Flamenco Girls who were inspired by him; they are far more effective though, and in the case of their leader Mari Maya far more violent! Initially it looks as if the series will just follow them as they take on regular criminals but then new villains appear; these are strange monsters who threaten everybody¬Ö to defeat them Samurai Flamenco and other would be superheroes will have to get far more professional.<br/><br/>This was a fun series although it changed drastically more than once during its run. The first introduction of the monsters was the most shocking; both because it was bizarre and came out of nowhere and because it was surprisingly violent! The various changes of pace will mean that viewers are likely to enjoy some sections more than others; for example I was disappointed when the Samurai Girls took a back seat and Samurai Flamenco took the lead of a &#39;Power Rangers&#39; style group¬Ö this is likely because I never watched such shows; I&#39;m sure those that did will appreciate it though. The characters are likable for the most part and the villains are suitable unpleasant and dangerous. Overall I found this somewhat uneven but still thought it was well worth watching; some parts were really great; especially the final arc.<br/><br/>These comments are based on watching the series in Japanese with English Subtitles.

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